In our first post on this topic, we made the assertion that health and financial well-being are intrinsically linked – especially for millions of low- and moderate-income Americans struggling under the burden of rising out-of-pocket health care costs. As a social determinant of health, financial well-being needs to be prioritized alongside quality and affordable health […]

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Health and financial well-being are intrinsically linked. Think about it: financial insecurity is a major source of stress, and stress impacts our physical and mental health, including our decisions; poor health impacts our ability to work, or perform well at work, which can lead to financial insecurity – and you guessed it, more stress. For […]

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The Business Case for #CUFinHealth

5/17/18 | Gigi Hyland

  In our last blog post on #CUFinHealth, we launched the hashtag and talked about how credit union members need credit unions to help them achieve their financial aspirations. But what about the business case for financial health?  How can credit unions justify spending staff time and operational resources focusing on improving their members’ financial […]

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A May Day Beginning for #CUFinHealth

5/1/18 | Gigi Hyland

  May Day is a public holiday usually celebrated on May 1. It is an ancient spring festival and a traditional spring holiday in many cultures. Dances, singing, and cake are usually part of the festivities. Sounds good to me! What better day, then, to launch the Foundation’s new efforts to help credit unions make […]

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Feelin’ the Love

2/14/17 | Gigi Hyland

  Love. It’s not a word you hear in the financial services industry. In fact, it’s a word that may seem discordant with our lexicon of regulatory acronyms. For the Foundation, however, we’re all about the love. In fact, after a recent Foundation Credit Union Development Education (DE) Training, one graduate noted, “I’ve never been […]

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