CUAid – Proving the “People Helping People” is More Than Just a Motto

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It seems like as soon as one natural disaster passes, another one is not far behind. So far this year we have seen the disastrous impacts of Hurricanes Florence and Michael, and the fast moving and deadly California Wildfires.

Credit unions are very generous – with their time, talent and dollars. Social responsibility is at the core of credit unions’ missions and is seen in the Credit Union Operating Principles. The credit union industry should take pride in the fact that they live out this principle day in and day out through financial literacy, community responsibility, and network cooperation.

Let’s focus on network cooperation – the pooling of resources and expertise to better serve members. This is what CUAid is built-upon. CUAid is the national online disaster relief fundraising center for credit unions. 100% of donations go towards helping credit union people get back on their feet after disaster strikes.

Through the power of network cooperation and collaboration, time and time again we have seen CUAid serve as a shining example of the difference we can make when we pool our resources.

For example, last year alone over $2.8 million was raised in response to Tropical Storm Harvey, Hurricanes Irma and Maria and the California Wildfires. $2.8 million – that is simply incredible. Hear firsthand how this impacted the life of a credit union employee who received funds thanks to CUAid, the Foundation and the Cornerstone Credit Union Foundation:

 “I would like to send my deepest heartfelt thanks and appreciation for your generous grant. You will never know what it means to us to receive this at a time when everything we own and cherish in our home has been completely destroyed by this devastating flood. As an employee at a credit union, I am so proud to say that the Cornerstone Foundation came through FIRST. ‘People Helping People’ – at work – always!”

We are once again asking for your generosity to help those most recently affected by hurricanes and wildfires. Oftentimes, these disasters become yesterday’s news to most of the country but those impacted know otherwise.

We have a specific fund designated for those affected by Hurricane Michael.

The incredible efforts and coordination of resources, supplies, and donations have exemplified the cooperative spirit that sets this movement apart. Since the storm hit, there have been teams on the ground in the affected areas on several occasions. From the League of Southeastern Credit Unions to individual credit unions from across the United States and the Virgin Islands, and other credit union partners, the support shown has been nothing short of amazing. Every dollar has gone straight to credit union staff members and volunteers, some of whom have nothing to hold onto but the hope that our credit union network is providing. Donations are still desperately needed to help provide relief to victims of the hurricane, some of whom lost everything.” –Juli Lewis, Foundation Director at the League of Southeastern Credit Unions.

As we wait to hear the impact of the California Wildfires, know that you can always donate towards the Foundation’s CUAid General Disaster Relief Fund. The General Disaster Relief Fund allows the Foundation to quickly move resources as disaster response needs shift.

Please know that every dollar is appreciated and can make a world’s difference to those who need it. Thank you in advance for your generosity and continuing to prove that “people helping people” is more than just a credit union motto!

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