Credit Unions – Be Proud! Biz Kid$ Receives National Recognition

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Biz Kid$, the powerful youth financial education program, has taught millions of kids across the US about money and entrepreneurship. Not only is Biz Kid$ a fun TV series for children to watch and engage with, it teaches critical lessons in financial management that will inevitably increase their likelihood of having a successful financial future.

Through the power of collaboration, a coalition of over 300 credit unions and affiliates from across the country have helped exclusively fund Biz Kid$ donating over $15 million. In fact, each of the 71 Biz Kid$ episodes begins and ends with a 15-second video reminding viewers that: “Production funding for Biz Kid$ is provided by America’s Credit Unions, where people are worth more than money.”

So, without credit unions and their focus on youth financial education, Biz Kid$ would not exist. Nor would it have received its FOURTEENTH Emmy Nomination this year! We are so excited to announce that Biz Kid$ has once again been nominated for a Daytime Emmy Award for Outstanding Writing in a Children’s Program! This nomination is for the brand new Season 6 of Biz Kid$ that was released last year, thanks to the donation and support of the credit union movement.

“This is such an honor for Biz Kid$ to once again be recognized and nominated for another Emmy Award,” said Danielle Brown, National Program Director for the Foundation. “This nomination is a testament to the quality and content of the show in its mission to provide youth financial education in a way that resonates with kids, and it would not have been possible without credit unions supporting and believing in Biz Kid$.”

One of the young entrepreneurs who was highlighted in Season 6 of Biz Kid$ was Moziah “Mo” Bridges who created his own bow-tie business called “Mo’s Bows”. Mo started selling his bow-ties online and in retail outlets, and most recently he joined in a licensing partnership with the NBA, granting him the rights to create products with the logos of NBA franchises for distribution. He’s also met President Obama and President George W. Bush – pretty impressive!

If you were at the CUNA GAC in February in Washington, DC, you may remember Mo as he was there supporting the GAC Giveback event to put a Biz Kid$ boxed set in every public school in Washington, DC.

Mo was recently named one of the Top 10 Kid Entrepreneurs to Watch This Year by Inc! Congratulations to Moziah! He is a great example of what it means to be a Biz Kid, and he is continuing to show kids across the country the importance of financial education.

Credit unions, you should be proud of both of these accomplishments! Be proud that you have funded a program that has once again received an Emmy nomination, and that one of the stars of the show is working to teach kids the lessons learned in Biz Kid$.

For more information about Biz Kid$ and how to use the program, visit the Foundation’s website or click here.


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