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At the beginning of the year, we debuted an Impact Map to highlight the Foundation’s programs, projects, and Credit Union Development Educators (CUDEs) in each state.  The Impact Map displays to credit unions and credit union professionals what their state is involved in when it comes to Foundation programs and initiatives, such as Biz Kid$, Experiential Learning programs, Non-Prime Auto Lending, Development Education (DE) projects and participants, and more.

We have just released the second phase of the Impact Map, which is a “by program” feature to offer a different way to showcase the impact we are having across the United States. When viewing our Impact Map, you can now choose which way you would like to view how we are making a difference – either by state or by program.

The “Browse by program” feature provides an interactive way to see which states are using specific Foundation programs, grants, or training’s.  For example, if a credit union organization wanted to see which states have participated in the Enhanced FiCEP Program, they could click “Financial Counseling” on the right, and see the highlighted states on the map.  Users can also click the “read more” below the map to learn more information about Financial Counseling.



This new feature is helpful for those credit union organizations who may want to learn more about specific programs and grants, and are interested in seeing what other states are already leveraging them.  It is meant to be a valuable resource for organizations who want to learn more about the reach of our work.

One of the most important things that credit unions can do is to tell their story, and one way to do so is to show the impact and scale of initiatives around the country. We hope that our Impact Map assists credit union individuals and organizations by illustrating the impact they are having in their state through Foundation-related programs.  Seeing the impact by state and by program demonstrates just how much of a difference credit unions – and the Foundation – are making in people’s financial lives across the country.


If you have any questions or any additions/edits to the Foundation’s Impact Map, please contact Lacey Adler at

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