Get Inspired by Wegner Award Winners of the Past and Present

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The Foundation’s Wegner Awards Dinner – or as we like to call it, the “Academy Awards of the Credit Union Movement” is the celebration of inspirational people and organizations.  This event allows the credit union world to see individuals who have dedicated their life to the movement, as well as outstanding organizations and programs who have made significant difference and positive impact in the lives of others. These are people who truly put belief into action.

Some may think of credit union pioneers as those big names that we (hopefully) are all aware of who put the movement into motion, such as Edward Filene, Louise Herring, Roy Bergengren and many more.  However, over the past 28 years of the Wegner Awards, we have seen time and time again that there are credit union pioneers all around us – people that have dedicated their lives to furthering the credit union philosophy.

We want you to get inspired by some recent past winners of our Wegner Awards.  A great place to start is with Carol Schillios, winner of the Individual Achievement Award in 2007 for her work in forming cooperative partnerships to improve access to affordable credit, education, and health care worldwide.  You can see Carol’s inspirational video here, and learn about her work across six continents and throughout the US to promote and improve consumer’s financial independence through credit unions.

Next up is Bill Eckhardt, who in 2012 was awarded with the Herb Wegner Award for Lifetime Achievement for his entrepreneurial spirit, exceptional leadership, and his life long dedication to the credit union industry.  You can see Bill’s story, accomplishments and dedication to putting members first here.

More recently is Clarence Hall, Jr., a 2015 winner of the Lifetime Achievement Award for his selfless lifelong work and dedication to help the members of his community to have access to affordable credit.  Watch Clarence’s amazing story to see and feel the impact he made in his community.

These are just a few examples of past winners, but there are many more inspirational and powerful stories to be seen on our YouTube page.  We were so excited to honor this year’s winners this week at the 28th annual Wegner Awards during the CUNA GAC in Washington, DC.  Click here for a wrap-up of the event, including videos shown during the dinner. In case you missed it, here is who we honored this year:

  • Outstanding Individual Achievement: Daniel F. Egan, retired President and CEO of the Massachusetts Credit Union League, New Hampshire Credit Union League, and the Credit Union Association of Rhode Island (now known as the Cooperative Credit Union Association);
  • Outstanding Individual Achievement: C. Alan Peppers, former President and CEO of Westerra Credit Union;
  • Outstanding Individual Achievement: William J. Bynum, Chief Executive Officer of Hope Credit Union; and
  • Outstanding Program: CU 4 Reality from America’s Credit Union Museum.

The credit union movement wouldn’t be what it is today without past, present, and future pioneers to keep the “people helping people” and the credit union difference message alive.  Hopefully seeing these powerful stories will help to remind you that it is possible to make a difference in your community, and that the work we all do in the movement is important.  Congratulations to all the past winners, and this year’s winners! We are so honored to hear all of your life’s stories, and so thankful for your work in helping keep the credit union movement alive.

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