Making a Difference Through Non-Prime Auto Lending

7/9/15 | | Comments (0)

“Could you imagine if your members invited your staff to their weddings and other special events because your relationship with them is that strong? It’s possible.” That’s what I learned after talking to staff at Seasons FCU in Connecticut, one of the credit unions in our Non-Prime Auto Lending pilot program. I’ve never heard of such a thing happening (and I love it)! I also loved how they build relationships with members and actually listening to their story, rather than just denying them. Here is what has happened:

First, they’ve found that members have been extremely grateful as they are serving members who aren’t getting service elsewhere. Sometimes members will sob tears of joy that someone is actually listening to them, and then cry even more because Seasons FCU can help them get a loan. Second, because that relationship is so powerful, the members are much more likely to not miss a payment.

Tears of joy! That’s the credit union difference. Read more about what I learned here at

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