Defining Financial Well-Being and Measuring Impact

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Financial well-being is phrase that is heavily used in the credit union world, but what exactly does it mean? Executive Director Gigi Hyland uses a CFPB report entitled, “Financial Well-Being: The Goal of Financial Education” to aid in the discussion of defining financial well-being in this Credit Union Times article.  One aspect of financial well-being discussed in the report is that people have, “the financial freedom to make choices that allow them to enjoy life.” Hyland explains how this ties directly to the National Credit Union Foundation and their mission to make financial freedom achievable through credit unions.


The National Credit Union Foundation’s mission is to be a catalyst to improve people’s financial lives through credit unions. And, one of the gnarliest – a technical word – problems about that mission is how you actually measure improvement to people’s financial lives.  Measuring impact and defining how people move from…Click to Continue Reading.

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